Suckerlove is an institution that has changed the landscape of the Placebo fandom since 2004; with words such as Molsdal, Brewitt and Mofo becoming part of fan vocabulary.

This slash site was created because there are already so many fantastic standard sites which give us biographies, track listings and your regular promotional band images. We thought, in addition to providing fans with a reliable source of news and information, why not have some fun with unique content that people want to see?

Through their past incarnation with Steve Hewitt to their present line up of Stefan Olsdal, Steven Forrest and Brian Molko, Placebo have always taken pride in the fact that being part of their band is more than a job, they're part of a family.

With Bill Lloyd, Nick Gavrilovic, (Xavior Roide, Alex Lee [& Fiona Brice]) this family has grown and changed over the years; in many ways they have become a part of our own.

Suckerlove is here to appreciate the great music brought to you by the talented musicians in Placebo and to celebrate the love and friendship they share with each other, and in turn...all of us!

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